Building a Mechanical(Geared) Press (3d printed)

This is a mechanical press. It has about 200 kg/ 440 lb press capacity (theoretically). The working area is about 100x100x150 mm.

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This is a mechanical press. Actually it can called a gearbox powered press.
I used the rack and pinion mechanism for linear movement.
I chose herringbone gears and the total gear ratio of the gearbox is 48. The output shaft rotates at about 60 RPM. In return, the torque becomes 9.6 Nm. So the final press capacity becomes 213 kg /470 lb.

For those values I chose 1.5 mm gear module. And as you can see from the video, they are totaly fine, held it up quite well.

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Florian Festi wrote 11/30/2021 at 09:18 point

I think your conclusions from the calculation for a larger modulus are wrong/not quite there. Yes, a larger modulus for the pinion gear reduces the force as the radius of the pinion is the lever pushing the plunger down. Otoh the larger modulus increases the force the rack and pinion is able to sustain. So for the change to make sense you need to increase the reduction ration - twice. Once to counter act the larger pinion diameter and once to make use of the additional strength. So when doubling the modulus you need to quadruple (two squared) the reduction.

One way to achieve this is to lower the modulus in the early drive train to allow smaller pinions there and with that larger reduction per stage. This might require a smaller axis for the first stage.

I also find it really odd to not link the two drive trains together. Having four actuators allow for straight, non racking movement of the plunger. Driving both sides independently wastes this opportunity.

But don't let these rather academical criticism get you down. This is a really nice project and a huge achievement to make this work with 3D printed gears.

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