A case for a case.

A project log for LED filament based seven-segment displays

Recreating vintage and unique hardware using modern components

MadisonMadison 12/04/2021 at 01:400 Comments

  While the PCBs looked nice, they didn't quite have the contrast to read them in daylight. The filaments chosen were delicate too; remember, they're made with ceramics! A case was in order, and I wanted it to fit some of the design features I saw in minitrons, like  a product number being debossed into the case's side. Using Fusion 360, I made a simple case that the PCB inside and is secured using M2 screws tightened to het set inserts. I added some blocking inside to better focus the glow of each filament segment too. 

  Acrylic also helps to increase the contrast between the unlit and lit filaments. I used a red acrylic originally, but I found a medium grey acrylic works best for readability in daylight. The matte black glitter filament also looks amazing, and in my opinion, and gives it an almost gunmetal like finish. 

With that, the digits were finished, but they're only part of a much larger project!