Superglue alone is not the answer

A project log for Embedding a mesh into 3D print

Easy method of embedding a mesh into a 3D print.

gwfamigwfami 11/18/2021 at 04:340 Comments

So for the first attempt, I simply tried to glue a precut mesh onto a lip on the inside bottom of the print using superglue.  Here's a picture showing the mesh laying on the lip (not glued).

Mesh lying on lip
Mesh lying on lip inside of print, not glued or attached

If you have worked with superglue, then you probably can guess what happened.  I ended up gluing myself to both the mesh and the print.

Once I pried my fingers off of both parts, sprayed superglue accelerator onto the glue, a quick strength test resulted in rapid failure of the connection between the mesh and the print.  I believe that this is a result of the glue no being applied in a consistent manner around the inner lip.  Having big clumsy fingers, there was no way I could do this without clogging the filter and/or making it look pretty bad.  I found this out by trying to glue it on many times.  Obviously this is not a method I can use.