Prototype Motion

A project log for LORA Remote Rover Stage 1

LORA Remote Control Rover

Andre PowellAndre Powell 12/01/2021 at 13:030 Comments

This is the first test on the prototype. The Arduino is programmed to go forward, rotate left, then rotate right and then finally go backwards.

What did I discover ?

Well the first thing was that the Motor Driver didn't want to operate when the power was connected to the 5V pin. Swapped over to using the 12 V pin and the stand off test succeeded !

Next the same test with the Arduino connected to a battery pack. Again stood off this worked fine.

Next test has it all sat on the floor.

The rover couldn't move forward with the battery pack on it.

Holding the pack above it started to move with the right hand side dragging a bit. No rotation.

I think that the Arduino itself can't provide a stiff enough supply while the Motors are under load.

I think the plan for a separate supply will need to be given, USB 2 only provides 2 Amps, so I need to get a bit more than that but let's see.