Finally found some time to write a wrap up of the current state of the project.

The prototype boards were provided by JLCPCB and turned out quite nicely. Unfortunately there were two minor issues in my design which needed some manual rework (swapped pins and a missing resistor). 

All five prototypes are working fine, the can interface for toolhead boards like the huvud works too. I was a bit worried about the thermal performance of the system, as the Raspberry Pi is mounted bottom-up it could have been prone to overheating, except that it isn´t :D I had one running on the desk at full load for the whole day and did not end up with a throttled CPU. 

While the prototypes are departing to some friends for proper testing, I´m already thinking about the next revision. As IC availability might get a bit better in the next months, switching to a CAN-FD capable chip seems reasonable as well as adding an ID EEPROM to enable autodetection of the required kernel modules for a complete plug and play experience.