Minimalistic NTP synchronized desktop clock

NTP synchronized desktop clock with RTC backup, 1.2" 7-segment LED display and automatic brightness

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Just shows precise time, nothing more.

1. NTP sunchronization using WiFi.
2. RTC backup - will show time from a high precision RTC if WiFi is not available.
3. Automatic display brightness control.

1. ESP32 controller with embedded WiFi.
2. Adafruit 1.2" 7-segment display.
3. DS3231 RTC module.
4. Adafruit VEML7700 lux sensor module.
5. Custom I2C and power hub board.
6. Several jumper wires.
7. M3, M2.5 and M2 bolts of variuos lengths - unfortunately, modules have different screw hole sizes.
8. 3D printed plastic enclosure.


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Ken Yap wrote 11/22/2021 at 22:01 point

👍 I commend you on two fronts: 1. The great looking case and colour which goes well with the LEDs, and 2. The UI or rather lack of one, no controls, just turn it on and it shows the time at an appropriate brightness.

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Timofei Korostelev wrote 11/23/2021 at 03:25 point

Yes, there is no UI and no means of control yet. Actually, we just need WiFi settings and TZ to be set. 
I think the best way will be to have a button which will enable AP mode on ESP32 and host a page with these settings. I also like the BLE way of setting up devices, but it requires a separate phone app to use, if I'm correct.
Hovewer, for a DIYer its no problem to hardcode settings in the firmware, so I don't have much motivation to implement this. The project is open to contributions through.

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teraz wrote 11/21/2021 at 19:03 point

nice idea. meybe add GPS clock and... why wired?

why not autonomius power?

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Timofei Korostelev wrote 11/22/2021 at 20:44 point

There a a few reasons:
1. The clock is designed to work indoors, GPS does not always work well under those conditions.
2. This screen type and WiFi does consume power. I tested a ~3200 mAh power bank, and it got discharged in less than 12 hours. I thought about adding a battery for a short term backup though, so we would be able to indicate. The time itself is kept in RTC, so it doesn't need more backup.

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teraz wrote 11/23/2021 at 14:26 point

1 meybe clock will be inside but antena GPS will be outside?

2. Why not 3200000 µAh ? or normal 3.2Ah ;-) 

ok meybe not whole computer need working non-stop? meybe 'screen' must working but check time to time?

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Xasin wrote 11/19/2021 at 18:40 point

And what a beautiful casing that is - I have to ask, what is the material used?

The print quality and sheen of it is really nice :>

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Timofei Korostelev wrote 11/20/2021 at 01:36 point

Its the cheapest PLA I found on Amazon, like $16 for the spool. Kudos to Prusa MK3.

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davedarko wrote 11/19/2021 at 13:11 point

I'm just here to say: "nice colors!"

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Timofei Korostelev wrote 11/20/2021 at 01:37 point

Haha, thanks, its the orange PLA I use for prototyping ;)

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