Sophie Robot

A next generation home robot with a omni directional drive unit and 6 axis collaborative robot arm

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This is a project that I have been designing on and off for about 3 years. I have recently been able to afford starting the build and robotic arms have come down in price enough to bring the project into a more realistic budget.

There is a lot to document for this so it will likely be in stages. First off I have always dreamed of having a home robot that could do simple to moderate tasks. The largest problem has been price. To me bringing down the price of robotics should always be the goal, as this will allow more to enjoy the benefits. 

For this build I'm attempting to keep the part list at ~5k USD. It is a lot for most and would make a retail version around ~17k. Robotics is still in fact a expensive hobby and with that in mind this will be a development prototype. 

Tasks for the robot-

  1. Read a physical book (with my now 6 year old flipping the pages)
  2. Wipe down a table
  3. Bring a drink from one location to another 
  4. Serve wine/champagne for a party environment 

These task will take a lot of engineering and programming to achieve. Though, I have ideas on ways to reduce the programing side with hardware solutions for some. 

  • 1 × Jetson TX2 Dev Kit Main Computer
  • 1 × Zed Stereo vision
  • 1 × Ufactory Lite 6 6 axis robot arm
  • 3 × Nema 23 stepper motors Main drive motors
  • 3 × Stepper controllers To control the steppers

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  • Motor Drive Units

    Apollo Timbers01/22/2022 at 17:10 0 comments

    Completed some work on the design and a prototype of a critical piece needed for the robot. Was able to get the stepper motor running and tested out the design. Currently these are built with 3D printed ABS parts though once the design is nailed down I will get them machined out of metal. Belt is a hacked together one at the momnet and the correct one4s are on order. The driver is being controlled with a Raspbery pi Pico running a C++ test program. Credit of the test code goes to KushagraK7 with a link to using it here --->

  • Flow Charts are fun!

    Apollo Timbers11/22/2021 at 23:41 0 comments

    I made a bit of a goal for today to at least create the flow chart of I/O for the robot. As this is a prototype, please remember this is experimental and use at your own risk. That being said, I have created a Jetson powered robot before and I'm a bit more comfortable with the the architecture. 

    A power flow chart will also need to be created as with any robot it starts to get complicated. Having the charts makes it a bit easier to build and troubleshoot the robot later on.

    For progress I have also printed some test pieces for the main drive units bearings and will post a bit about the drive units in the next project update. 

  • Beginnings

    Apollo Timbers11/20/2021 at 20:49 0 comments

    I have so far purchased so far the Jetson TX2 and a collaborative robot arm from UFACTORY ( This arm was the prefect choice for price and weight capacity (1kg). It also features a built in controller and runs on 24volts. 

    I have the Jetson TX2 and have run benchmarks and I'm attempting to pipe the onboard camera to a OpenCV program. I also have a older version 1, ZED camera for the main stereo vision.

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