First soldering attempt

A project log for Ublox NEO-M9N GPS breakout board

Custom PCB created to test the u-blox NEO M9N GPS module

nottheworstdevnottheworstdev 11/21/2021 at 03:200 Comments

The GPS module is a 24 pin LCC (Leadless Chip Carrier) package which is almost impossible to solder using a conventional iron. I wanted to make experience with reflow soldering so I bought the Kester Lead Free No-Clean Solder Paste and this heating hot plate.

Using the stencil I made all the possible mistakes applying the solder paste, the result was this ugly looking thing:

Even though I was sceptical, all the passive components are soldered pretty well but the pins of the micro USB connector and the UL26 ESD protection chip are all shorted. I tried to fix them using the solder but eventually I decided to remove the GPS module by heating the board and make a second attempt paying attention to apply the solder paste correctly.