SW 18015P Vibration Sensor Arduino Working Principle

The functionality or working principle of the Vibration sensor and the Knock sensor are very similar, as previously indicated.

The Vibration sensor has a center post that serves as the sensor's metal conducting leg. A thin metal twisted into a springform wraps around the middle pillar.

The metal conductive leg and the thin metal spring will come into contact once vibration is established, and electricity will flow directly from the metal conductive leg to the thin metal spring.

A supply of 5 volts will be generated as current flows through both wires. The sensor will detect vibration and deliver information to the microcontroller as a result of this.

A 10k resistor is also included in this module. This resistor will prevent the module from being damaged by limiting the flow of current from the power supply.


  • Arduino Board
  • Breadboard
  • Know Sensor Module
  • Jumper wires
  • LED

Get the program code here.