Experience Level: Intermediate

Time Required: 1-2 minutes

Steps: 7

Supplies: BNC ConnectorsCrimping ToolCable Stripper /Cable Cutter

Budget Estimate: $70 (excluding cables)

Step 1 Trim cable as shown using a stripping tool.

 cut end of coaxial cable

cut end of coaxial cable

Step 2 Slide crimp ferrule onto cable.

BNC connector insert onto coax cable

Step 3 Fold braid back and complete trimming the cable as shown. Tim center conductor end at 45 degree angle.

 BNC connector insert onto coax cable.

Step 4

Push connector onto cable.

Step 5

Fold braid back over crimp body.

Step 6

Push crimp ferrule up over braid and crimp body.

 bnc connector about to crimp

Step 7

Using universal crimp tool, crimp ferrule to connector using 0.320 hex.

crimp tool compressing bnc connector

Step 8

Crimp cable support with appropriate hex:

0.264 - RG6 PVC

0.250 - RG59 PVC, RG6 TFE

0.212 - RG59 TFE, RG58 PVC

 crimp tool compressing bnc connector