The diagram is not perfect I know but it helps ... Maybe one day I will make it better 

Some resistors are not added in the diagram. Therefore, don't forget to add resistor for every input especially for Adresses and Data chip pins, the same for arduino and the shift registers (The floating state values is the main problem if it doesn't work). All of the resistors in the project are in 10Kohms.

You must have a gameboy cartidge that has a flash instead of ROM chip

Adding to this, I have programmed a Python GUI software to make a chip programming more easier. The supported chips are:

  • Amic A29040.
  • AMD AM29F040.
  • AMD AM29F010.

The GUI app works with python3. You are free to increase or customize the code (But keep my name plz).


  • Computer with linux/Windows 7. Linux is recommanded (I was testing on KALI)
  • Tested with python3 (There were major bugs in python2)
  • Wxpython library (pip3 install wxpython)
  • Pubsub lib
  • Arduino IDE with the Flash_memory_programmer Sketch.
  • Circuit, Diagram ... you know what I mean 😉
  • Chip AM29F010-40, A29010-40