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Ever do something that might make sense to you, then you find out it was dumb later? Ever try using the wrong screwdriver and get the right results? Ever put things together that no one would normally think of? I do. All of the time. With interesting and varied results. I decided to share them here with the various hackers here. More for sharing chuckles than being practical.

Don't be afraid to try things because they're "dumb". There is often magic in stupidity.
  • Life Without Windows

    Dustin2 days ago 0 comments

    Most people buy something and just use whatever it comes with. Not me. Sure I still HAVE Windows in my home, I just don't use them. I use LED light bulbs instead. I find the views in the Windows to be depressing, I like my privacy, better insulation, and I can be as naked as I want all the time. The only time I use Windows is when I'm somewhere pleasant with no people around. Windows are great when you need them, but I find I just sleep and feel better when not using them. Sure, I'd get much better performance if I upgraded my Windows, but that's a very expensive proposition these days. My Windows version is very out of date right now, but it still works just fine. I'm in no hurry to upgrade something I rarely use. Anyway, just wanted to let people know they don't HAVE to use Windows, just because they're available. 

  • RanDumb Hack The First:‚Äč Dishes in The Laundry

    Dustin3 days ago 0 comments

    Portable Washing Machine, In Its Natural Habitat
    This poor thing has already been abused for months straight before I put dirty dishes in it. When it dies, I'll repair and prepare it for further stupidity. May your deity of choice have mercy on it's soul; I know I won't.

    Today I did something that reminded me of the TV show The Red Green Show. I've only seen a few clips, and am saving the first season to watch later, but it was good stuff. His hacks made me laugh a little harder than I should have...

    My hack was born out of frustration and a random thought: How can I get out of scrubbing these damn food storage containers by hand?

    I don't have a dish washing machine. I do have a portable clothes washing machine in my tiny home though. They both wash things, right? I had recently washed and sanitized the machine, and I also don't care if I'm quite honest.

    In the hot water went, in with the laundry detergent, and a touch of bleach for good measure. I rarely use bleach. It's pretty evil. So are the germs from my dirty socks...

    I ended up washing the bulk of the crud off the plastic containers in the shower with the shower sprayer 'cause lazy. That part went very well. I'll use that in the future FOR SURE. Oh yeah, the washing machine was churning away the entire time I was rinsing, so it was ready to go.

    In went a few containers. They spun hilariously and made a ton of horrid noise. It was quite pleasing. I figured I'd better throw in some dish rags to be safe. Someone has to scrub those wretched things, and it sure as Hell aint gonna be me. In wet 2 clean rags, and down went the lid.

    I let it churn away while I hand washed less annoying things like forks and plates. After a while I checked on the containers to discover they weren't much cleaner at all. The damn things neatly stacked themselves and were just spinning about uselessly, like my mind much of the time.

    That failed quite nicely. Onto the lids. They went a bit better, just as hilarious. I let the go a while and decided they were good enough after a rinse. They're air drying with the hand washed containers. 

    I HATE washing those damn containers so they pile up. This actually worked, but not because it's a GOOD solution. It worked because it's a FUNNY solution. Watching my poor laundry machine just beating the crap out of those containers was very funny. It kind of worked, and it got me motivated to get them clean. They're now clean and out of my way once again. I probably won't do that again, but I will wash things other than clothes in the machine. Maybe I'll run my phone through there next time I get face grease all over it.

    I can get back to making my mini Thanksgiving Dinner here now. Stupid containers.

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    Do something dumb, fun, or just random, not knowing how it will turn out.

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    Yeah, that part.

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    Pretty obvious. Laugh. It's good for ya.

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