Life Without Windows

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DustinDustin 11/26/2021 at 14:500 Comments

Most people buy something and just use whatever it comes with. Not me. Sure I still HAVE Windows in my home, I just don't use them. I use LED light bulbs instead. I find the views in the Windows to be depressing, I like my privacy, better insulation, and I can be as naked as I want all the time. The only time I use Windows is when I'm somewhere pleasant with no people around. Windows are great when you need them, but I find I just sleep and feel better when not using them. Sure, I'd get much better performance if I upgraded my Windows, but that's a very expensive proposition these days. My Windows version is very out of date right now, but it still works just fine. I'm in no hurry to upgrade something I rarely use. Anyway, just wanted to let people know they don't HAVE to use Windows, just because they're available.