Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Tutorial for Beaglebone

This is a simple example showcasing how to control a BleuIO dongle connected to Beaglebone Black using a python script.

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When running the script, it will first ask for the com port where the dongle is connected (usually ‘/dev/ttyACM0’). After that, the BleuIO will start advertising. Every 8th second it will turn on one of the onboard Beaglebone Black LEDs whilst changing the BLE advertising name to indicate which LED is on.

We are using the Linux debian image: ‘OMAP3/DM3730 Debian 9.5 2018-10-07 4GB SD LXQT’ (

You can get access to the project HERE

We are using the Adafruit_BBIO python library that comes with the Beaglebone to control the onboard LEDs.

Read details of the project at

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