USB power for your planes

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I got tired of replacing the CR2032 batteries on my plane solder kits and designed a PCB to showcase 3 different planes at once. The board is easy in construction and excellent as a more advanced solder kit. The power is supplied by a USB C connector, a local LDO makes the correct voltage and a small SMD switch is place so you can easily turn them off without having to remove the cable.
The backside of the PCB doubles as an SMD experiment PCB and has access to the different voltage levels on the board.
  • 1 × USB C Connector
  • 1 × 3V LDO SOT23
  • 2 × 5k1 Resistor 0603
  • 2 × 10µF 10V 0805 Capacitor
  • 1 × Slide switch

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