24 gun salute

A project log for Halo inspired laser tag (LTTO hack)

Bringing Halo style game play to Laser Tag Team Ops

daveverleedave.verlee 03/21/2024 at 03:340 Comments
I completed another round of 8, bringing me to a total of 24 guns. I still could make 8 more, but currently have no need for it, so I will switch my focus to trying to make the game play work better and keep working on Capture The Flag!

Also, I should have done this a long time ago, but I also put in a handy hidden debug menu that lets me check and test all the subsystems. I can check all the switches, read the radio queue, turn on/off all the lights and motors, read the IR sensors, and monitor the cheat detection. It was great to have during the final test of each new gun. Make time for test functions!