Networked home battery v2

Choose your battery tech, microinverter tech and network some home batteries to power your house.

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After creating v1 of the networked home battery, I decided to improve on some flaws of that project.
The first need was to improve relay switching to avoid switching issues experienced wihen using DC voltages. I overcame that by using AC switching.
The sealed lead acid batteries had no smarts, they got damaged pretty quickly due to undervoltage and overvoltage protection failures. For this reason I switched to electric bicycle batteries. These batteries have protection built in. As they are Lithium ion they are also more compact, and still very cheap.
Now also using a fuse box to house the electronics, which is much safer and neater.

The software hasn't really changed since V1 which is nice, still just build the SDCard put it into the raspberry pi, then choose one battery to be the master battery. In my images I only show one battery.

Each bicycle battery is about 700 W of storage, with the rated voltage of 36v. This is perfect for the solar micro-inverters (top of the im

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Gregor wrote 02/04/2022 at 20:17 point

Thanks! This is what I needed to convince me that the Enphase's will take a battery input without problems. Warm regards from Holland!

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