I connected a USB IrDA adapter to my Raspberry Pi Zero W; mine is iFoundry branded - bought from eBay in Nov 2021 for £6.99 and looked to be new old stock. I've written a short script to download news and transfer it to the phone.

I had to use an old version of Raspbian as newer Linux kernels (4.19 and newer I think) have removed support for USB IrDA adapters. Setting up the adapter was a bit fiddly but I managed it after some trial-and-error (read: faffing about).

The script fetches the latest 5 posts in my favourite RSS feeds, cuts them down to 160 characters, and then saves them to the phone as SMS messages across the IrDA connection.

I put the script in my .bash_profile startup file and set the Pi to automatically login to the console, run the script, and then shut down. All I need to do is switch on the Pi and then switch on the 7110's infrared connection.

The IrDA connection is a bit unreliable, but it usually works well enough to save a couple of news headlines to the 7110.