PCB Based RFID Card Reader


RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification; a term that refers to technologies that use radio frequencies to identify objects. RFID has been used in a number of practical applications in many industries, such as improving supply chain management, tracking household pets, accessing office buildings, and speeding up toll collection on roadways.

Being so useful & productive they do have a couple of shortcomings, such as not being cost-effective to buy & repair due to the complex nature of the embedded MCU (microcontroller units) in RFID receivers. So in this project, we are going to go over a step-by-step procedure on ‘How to make PCB Based RFID Card Reader” without using an Arduino OR any other kind of microcontroller.

You can make this circuit on a Printed Circuit Board PCB. JLCPCB is the foremost PCB prototype & manufacturing company in china, providing us with the best service we have ever experienced regarding (Quality, Price Service & Time).

Hardware Components

Circuit Diagram