There are very few airships in operation today, and they don't look as magnificent as their predecessors did. So I wanted to show people how cool airships used to be.

I chose the Zeppelin as my reference. I liked how graciously it looked on its mooring mast.

As with all my lamps, I wanted the models to be instantly recognizable. I picked a special form of acrylic and made fins from the circuit boards in the tail.

The hardest part in designing this model was figuring out where to place the controller. I decided to make a separate control board and place it in the nose of the airship.

As I had five lines of LEDs controlled via individual channels, I was able to make unique animation scenarios. The scenarios are controlled using the IR remote. You can select both static colors and animated color scenarios.

I really liked the look of the airship on the mooring mast. And I wanted to make a desk stand for the lamp in the same style. The cable is connected at the same point as in the real airship, which adds even more similarity to the original.

Another difficulty was to design a docking point of the airship and the desk stand. I made three iterations of the docking assembly before I got what I wanted, so finally, the airship was fixed securely to the stand.