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    Kal12/04/2021 at 03:08 0 comments

    (i'm the fool. it me.)

    I wouldn't say that i've been into the tarot for a long time because i wouldn't say that i'm into the supernatural. No such thing. But like many of a certain age i was exposed to it in the home and i'm the better for it. At some point a proper oracle was worth taking an arduous journey to go visit but, first, there are wise people that don't live on holes at the top of mountains and, second, the real oracle was inside you all along. Any wise thing someone could tell you is something someone on the internet, probably someone you're in contact with has heard before. That's not to say there aren't smarter people than you, just that they're not magic.

    But on the other hand, the old ways got to be old ways by having people find them useful. Some tools get sharper with (some) use(s). So the scribbled on notebook becomes the mirror or some such.

    I'm okay with the art for the pages and knights. I don't feel they're too militaristic or gendered as i've put them together. But the kings and queens are another story. I think i can do a thing with the hats to simplify without getting over-specific.

    I'm hewing mostly to RWS because that's what i know and that gives me something to go off for the number cards. That's still a pain since it has to stay being a viable game deck but it's a pain drawing a million little things in this style but, y'know. And, yeah no yeah, the world is za warudo. It's my deck, after all, and we live in a za warudo age.

    That art for the hanged man is the greater portion of why the deck had to be made. I'm so glad i comitted (as much as i so far have)! They are truly satisfying to hold and handle for me. Playing cards, game pieces: There's something lovely about anything that has the sole purpose of standing for something.

    Cutting the plastic (~1/8"?) with a utility blade isn't the easiest but but with practice and a fresh edge it's not bad. And i feel there'd be something off about sawing these.

    I'm using spray sealant over the paint (which is just cheap paint pen) and that seems to do it. To get the sealant to hold i've got to sand the faces of the cards pretty fine, which is a pill. It might be sufficient to let the sealant cure longer but i doubt it, i think what i'm using is pretty gentle. Maybe something heavy and industrial would be diluted with a serious enough solvent to get it to sit down on its own.