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A project log for ESP32 audio recorder

making a digital audio recorder, with an ESP32 instead of a DSP.

Jean THOMASJean THOMAS 04/29/2019 at 16:030 Comments

Two months ago I sent Gerber files to the fab, and a couple of weeks later I received the PCBs. I was very busy so I barely got time to solder the PCB a month ago and only started the bring-up last week.

So far I only tested SD and OLED (which needed a fix on the PCB, CS was held high). The SGTL5000 is visible on the I2C bus (btw if you are using this chip, make sure you are sending MCLK before trying to communicate with I2C, otherwise this chip will stay silent!).

I would really like to add proper power management to this project soon. I am thinking of adding a low power MCU (I bought an STM8L101) to enable/disable an LTC3557 battery charger+buck IC.

I would also like to try using a Blackberry trackpad instead of a rotary encoder. I found some infos on the net on how to drive those and which connector I should buy.