Custom router bit and measuring about 14 times

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ØysteinØystein 12/07/2016 at 08:540 Comments

So I got a call. It was the store owner of Grønvold maskin (Grønvold machineservices) . He had the custom router bit ready for me! I was so excited so I got to Grønvold maskin as fast as I could after work (they have opening times that makes it kinda difficult to shop there). I got the bit and also bought some other supplies:

And here are screws that Will fit perfectly and a very strong adhesive (cab withstand 220KG of force applied to it) to hold the to sides of the leg support together:

The screws match perfectly to where I want to use them:

I tested if I could use the to mount the table top. Seems like it is excactly what I need. on a side note I am going to attach the table tobs with the mentioned screws and doubblesided UHB (ultra high bondage) tape.

I then did practiced with the handheld router, the custom router bit and a roundoverbit:

Finally I start making the cuts for the legs. Had to measure it like 14 times to make shure everything was correct.