Tabletop support beam, Glueing and sanding.

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A handy extremely sturdy workbench

ysteinØystein 06/09/2017 at 13:010 Comments

So next I have to make a tabletop support beam that the tabletop can be mounted to. I started making a cutout that the back end of the beam can slot into.

This was done with the Japanese handsaw and a chisel. On teh other side of the supportbeam I needed a plate that could be monted with screws. I straightened an angle iron and countersunk the holes.

Now it was just to drill the wholes and assemble it.

Now that all of the components of the structure is complete I sanded it and glued it together.

Next step: A shelf to sit on top of the tabletop(cant go to the store to buy the tabletop for some days so I build the shelf first instead)!