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ysteinØystein 07/04/2017 at 21:500 Comments

So now its time to build the shelf that will sit on top of the table! The table will conist of two 5X20cm planks and have a integrated phillips hue downlight. First I cut the plank to size and started to make the groove for the ledstrip.

I used a router to cut the grooves. I had to cut the grooves in parts because of the clamps.

Now i need ed to cut the second groove. the first one was for the led strip and the second is for frosted polycarbonate to have infront of the LED strip. A mock up is shown below:

on the end of the LED strip there is an controller. I wanted this to be hidden so that the downlight was fully integrated into the shelf. I therefor started to make a pocket that could house the controller.

I measured how big the pocket needed to be and drilled multiple holes to make it easier to use the chisel.

Tada! Finnished pocket hole with controller inside:

I then needed to drill a hole into the pocket so that i could route the power cable to the back of the table.

I made a smal hole connecting the groove and the pockethole together so that the LED strip and the controller could be connected. Now I just need to make a coverplate.

I made out of copper and grinded it to make it a bit more pleasant looking.

Tada! Coverplate completed. (sort of, I am going to make it look nicer later when its not so late). Tomorow I will try to join the two planks and make finger joints.