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A handy extremely sturdy workbench

ysteinØystein 07/22/2017 at 23:010 Comments

So two days ago I bought a second tabletop so that my tabletop can be the right depth. I then made sure to align it and glued it with essve easytack:

While I would ideally use a car full of clamps this approach worked very well. I then needed to cut the tabletop to length. As you can see the to parts of the tabletop i snot the same size. I measured the length of the shelf and used a some scrap material as a guide for the circular saw:

With the sawing complete I started with attaching the tabletop to the frame.

I got a brilliant advice that I should just make four wooden square blocks and align them to the inside corners of the frame. This way the tabletop was secure and easy to transport. I used double sided tape to place the  blocks on to the tabletop and secured it with four screws.

Voilà! A secure and easy transportable tabletop. I the proceeded to mount the shelf to the table top. The first step was to use drill through the shelf and tabletop while clamped together. the next step was to drill wholes in the steel angles that hold the to parts of the shelf together. Ithen made a very quick mock up of how the table will look like!

It was very dark so the image is in suuper poor quality. It was very nice to see it come together. And how easy it was to disassemble to store it indoors. Tomorrow I will trim the rods and install the LED strip!