A project log for Straight wire and tube stock storage

A wrap storage pouch to organize piano wire, rods and tubes for modeling

QuinnQuinn 12/08/2021 at 03:210 Comments

After it was all finished, I loaded up the stock, and used labels on strings to label the dimensions.

I think it is easier to roll if all the larger stock is on one end(I made the pockets that way too) because it is easier to start rolling, and it ends up more uniform having the narrower stuff on the outside of the roll.

I did include 1 oversized piece, which just goes on the end that is the middle, and sticks out the top, to the side of the flap.

To wrap, it is simply folding the top flap down and start rolling.  A simple Velcro tie keeps it closed.  Stock doesn't slide out the bottom because of the bottom pocket, nor out the top because of the flap.  Further, because the roll and Velcro tie keep it all tight, friction keeps things from sliding anyway.

To find a piece, I can simply unroll it on the table, or hang it from a door frame.  To hang, i pull the top support dowel out of the wrap, slide it in the top channel, and put a hook through the opening.  The top flap simply folds out of the way on the back.

Works great so far!