A project log for Custom circuit testing using Intel HEX files

Download / upload memory contents into computer motherboards or other devices for test or debugging (using 3 micro-coded controllers)

zpekiczpekic 12/08/2021 at 05:081 Comment

There are 3 different toolchains and languages coming together in this project:

The software components are best explained by going through the 4 supported modes of operation:

--     SW7    SW6    Mode                TTY (VGA)            UART TX                7seg LED    
--        0        0        sel_hexout        -                         Generated HEX        mem2hex debug port (or bus if nWait = 0)
--        0        1        sel_hexin        Microcode trace    Echo UART RX        hex2mem debug port (or bus if nWait = 0)
--        1        0        sel_loopback0    Echo UART RX        Echo UART RX        Baudrate (decimal)
--        1        1        sel_loopback1    Echo UART RX        Echo UART RX        UART mode    

See other project logs for description of each of these modes of operation.


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