While I'm tying up old projects, here's another quickie which is a mashup of previous projects: #8042 clock, 8048 board, and #Inch digits. The clipboard is A5 size from an office supplies store. I've used these clipboards before in #TTL binary clock. (A5 clipboard-clutching PHBs are only half as bad as A4 ones. 🤣) The mounting pillars, nuts and screws are from an assorted pack of nylon fasteners.

An 8048 is used but codebase is the same as for the 8042 with a couple of edits, see comments in the assembly file.

The power source is an old Nokia phone charger. The timebase is a DS1287 module from a motherboard that went to PC heaven long ago. The encased lithium cell went flatter than flat ages ago, so I applied the hack to expose the backup power pins and connect them to external cell(s). I could have used a new lithium button cell and holder, but the old alkaline cells and battery holder were on hand. Looks more geeky and saved money. That's my excuse anyway; my projects will never win points for neatness. 🤣

Of course unlike #Block clock, the timebase isn't tied to the mains so the deviation is up to a few seconds a month, which means it needs a jab of the minutes button now and then to correct.