How Does It Work?

The Pixel Player is really just a full desktop computer powered by a Raspberry Pi 3. Behind the scenes, the Pixel Player opens a browser tab and automates streaming music from different websites. This opens up a very vast library of music from all accross the internet. Also, when the Pixel Player connects to a WiFi network it starts up a small web server which allows other devices, connected to the same WiFi network, to access it's play controls and music search as a simple website. The visualizer then takes any audio and video data and displays it to the retro pixel display.



The Pixel Player features a beautifully diffused LED Display with it's own display driver. This means a perfectly stable display with no flicker and less work required for the Raspberry Pi 3. The integrated Web UI allows for streamlined searching of music from multiple sources (currently only YouTube) and building of personalized playlists from these different sources. All accessories are included, so all that is required is to plug in a Raspberry Pi 3 and some speakers.