A project log for Manual Pick and Place SMD Vacuum

Foot pedal operated SMD Vacuum for manual placement of components. This upgrade from tweezers simplifies SMD placement during PCB assembly.

leumasyerrpleumasyerrp 12/09/2021 at 01:390 Comments

That wraps up this project. I am very happy with how it turned out and its function. I successfully assembled a small run of 10 PCBs with 64 components per board using this SMD Vacuum without any issues. Utilizing the blunt needle tip along with one of the suction cup tips that came with the Weller WVP I was able to handle all the SMD parts for those PCBs. The smallest package size was 0603 and the largest package was a ESP-12F WiFi module. The SMD Vacuum had enough suction power to lift everything and made placement easy. Goodby tweezers, hello SMD Vacuum.