I just kinda slapped it together

A project log for I Got Bored: DIY AA battery holder

While waiting for a hot glue gun to heat up, I threw together this little thing out of bits and bobs. Hopefully this page will help someone.

tylertyler 12/09/2021 at 03:211 Comment

I started by using pliers to break up some safety pins (I have many problems with this name for these little abominations, by the way). 

Having done that, I bent it into the correct shape and soldered in on to the board.

Then, I set in the next few in the shape of the battery, and marked the holes that I will use as contacts.

And now it's time to make my solder bridges. 

Oh look, another picture.

Ok cool, now I can-  


There I go again, solving nonexistent problems. I'll find a use for it someday, I guess.


tyler wrote 12/09/2021 at 03:22 point

Just don't set it on a conductive surface, with those contacts  being used as legs...

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