Flash ROM upgrade, addition of 12MB HDD and Windows 3.0

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Improved version of the MCUHacker01's ESP8266 PC-XT Emulator

WSWS 01/26/2022 at 08:030 Comments

26-Jan-2022: Over the weekend, I finally had some free time to spare. Therefore, I removed the shield on the ESP8266 module and replaced the 4MB flash ROM with a 16MB W25Q128 flash ROM. With the extra capacity and a few lines of codes, I fitted a 12MB "Hard Disk" to the emulator. After marking the drive "Active" using FDISK, and initialising it with FORMAT /s, the emulator can now boot up from the new "Hard Disk".

Out of curiosity, I also spent some time installing Windows 3.0 onto the new drive. It took me about 2 hours to complete the installation. Although it was not easy to navigate without a mouse, Windows 3.0 worked perfectly with my keyboard! However, as expected, it was extremely SLOW- It would take about 5 minutes just to get to Program Manager. Nevertheless, it was pure fun! A picture of the WIndows 3.0 "About" dialogue box is included.