Logo Designs, iOS, and Server Updates

A project log for 21 Days - IoT Habit Forming Picture Frame

Challenging myself to be healthier! Having fun while I'm at it!

Chris GervangChris Gervang 04/14/2017 at 22:210 Comments

Icon Design

Over the last week I focused on logo design for the iOS app, and for the website. I had a lot of fun browsing Dribbble for inspiration and art direction. I made around 21 variations, which one is your favorite?

In the end, I choose version 20.

It features a super light grid in the back, and a colored square for each habit I'm forming. The bold blue background with a slight darkening gradient stands out on my phone.

These files are now on github in the design folder!

New Features

In addition to updating rect-native (which took hours), I added some new features and refactors.

Build Scripts

# In 21days/ios

# For release on the phone build in ios:
npm run build
# Open Days in XCode, click play

# For debug build on iphone simulator:
react-native run-ios