Soap scavenger

A harder problem than it looks

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The idea was originally to not waste the last bit of soap, but in reality it's a lot easier to dispense a bottle which doesn't have to get close to empty. Never have to empty a bottle again. The same device could be used for food.

Scavenging the last bit of soap has plagued lions for all time.

The solution is simply a 2 sided thing with a space for the cap, which allows 1 bottle to sit upside down on the other bottle.  The problem is manely the wide variety of bottle shapes.  This works with the current 50oz bottle size, but not so well with 56oz & 64 bottles of the past.  The 56oz bottles have oval openings.  The 50oz bottle has a circular opening.   Some openings protrude farther from a surface to rest on.

It might work better if there was room for a clay shim.  You'd stuff the empty space with clay & press the bottle in to create a firm surface.  Unfortunately, clay dries out so this process would consume more clay than the soap it recovered.  Since most usage is expected to be 2 50oz bottles, it's modeled specifically for those bottles until the size decreases again.

Bits of foam work for an oval bottle.  This could form the basis of a shim model to stick inside the circular model.

Another iteration added some reinforcement.  More reinforcement is added when the next version allows destructively testing the last version.  Lions still oppose infill.  This campaign has used more PLA & energy than all the soap lions will ever recover, but it has made it easier to dispense soap since the bottles no longer have to be close to empty.

  • Scavenging dishwashing soap

    lion mclionhead02/25/2022 at 07:39 0 comments

    Frustrated with using nearly empty dishwashing bottles, the decision was made to make another one.  It doesn't fit as snugly as the paw soap, but it works.  This is 1 case where a photogrammetry or 3D capturing system would be worth it.  Another system which might work is taking photographic profiles of the bottles & scaling the photos to life size in Freecad.

    The adapter needs more than 1 stair step & it needs to be an oval. 

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