OS 3D Printed Tabletop Reading Lamp

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a series of opensource lamps to experiment with and master lighting.

progressthProgressTH 12/29/2021 at 17:000 Comments

December 29, 2021 | Applied Technology Lab We finally finished the first prototype of a tabletop reading lamp.

It's similar to old-school banker lamps or library lamps but very simplified and in the process of being optimized for 3D printing. I say optimized because there are many improvements that need to be made. 

We have to splice/crimp the wire to get it tucked away in the PVC, add a switch, and modify the design to (a) enable the use of bolts to secure the PVC connections instead of depending only on hot glue and (b) create a hollow base design that can be filled with a dense material like plaster, concrete mix, or hot wax/ball bearings to save you the 2+ day print time for the 75% infill design we current have uploaded here under FILES and on Thingiverse here

Eventually this 3D printed opensource lamp will benefit from the sensors and automation we are working on for the prototyping platform. Powering a project that connects to mains is dangerous if not done properly so we're spending a lot of time making sure to get that right.