1:1 Christmas tree silhouette

Real size Christmas tree using 375 WS2815 LEDs

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Learn how design your own 1:1 Christmas tree using MDF plate and 375 WS2815 LEDs and a lot of patience

This project will show you how to make a  1:1 christmas tree silhouette. 
The silhouette effect is made of some MDF plate with 50mm distance to a wall, WS2815 leds on the backside of the plate will illuminate the wall showing the pattern of the tree. 
The leds can be programmed to show any color you like, the code and blueprints for the project can be found in the github repository,.

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 1.86 MB - 12/15/2021 at 18:12


JPEG Image - 1.25 MB - 12/15/2021 at 18:12


  • 1 × ESP32 DEVKITC V4 module
  • 1 × 74HC245, DIP20
  • 8 × 330R resistors 1206
  • 1 × 2x3 pin pinheader 2.54mm
  • 1 × 100nF capacitor 0603, 10% X7R

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    See here how to make the template for the 1:1 size tree and how the final result looks like

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