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some project ago i did " The mandalorian " pin badge and i thought that it need a pal.

Golden beskar could be a great finish for a pcb board , i started doing the armorer helmet with this idea , the colors and finished match .

- This is the way -


I took the armorer helmets as template and get the drawings done on inkscape

The black color is the Front solder mask aperture , it means that metal will be exposed.

To achieve the golden beskar steel looking i choose the ENIG pcb finish.

*I don't own any right on characters , it's a fan made gadget .


The schematic capture was made using KiCAD , I use the same electronics to maintain things easy , the microcontroller is an small but powerful pic10LF322. This mcu has 4 GPIOS , 1 of them is just input.

•Operation Voltage 1.8V – 3.6V

•Up to 512 Words of Flash Program Memory

• 64 Bytes Data Memory
The electronics is powered by a  3v cr2032 battery

Printed circuit board 

Kicad have a huge comunity and plugins , one of them it's svg2shenzen by badgeek , an Inkscape extension for exporting drawings into a KiCad PCB.

Manufacturing PCB

I've been ordering my boards from JLCPCB  , have a fair price and great finish. The process was easy and fast, dropping GERBER files , selecting ENIG finish, thickness and quantity. It took one week to get my boards back. I'm happy with the service.


The LEDs are controlled by charlieplexing technique ,so 1 LED is running at time,this POV feature save power and works great with low pin count mcu.

Pressing the button will change the LEDs animation until go to sleep again.


  • Be proud to wear this badge.
  • The PCB have ENIG finish , golden color match.
  • White silkscreen on black soldermask
  • Small size, 30 x 35mm
  • The lighting will do a great effect on cloth.


Forge your helmet

  • Six  white LEDs / 0805 package size.
  • One microcontroller sot23-6 package , show your skills.
  • One push button 3x4mm
  • One cr2032 Battery holder
  • One Pin
  • One capacitor 0805 package size
  • Be ready for the diy soldering kit .


The good looking of beskar

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