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A project log for Reading a bunch of BLE sensors with raspberryZero

Reading up to 9 XIaomi Mi Temperature and humidity sensors using nodeRed+Bash+gatttool

javierJavier 02/10/2022 at 16:570 Comments

Apparently maintaining an onpen BLE conection uses a lot of precious miliamps.

The modules ran out of battery after 1 month of constant streaming.
Only one sensor is still working, they stopped broadcasting one by one in the spam of one week.

I have in mind two solutions for this:
  1. Instead of a permanent BLE connection and constant streaming of data,
    the raspberry could each 2-5 minutes create a BLE conection and read the temp+humidity data once, then close the connection.
  2. Modify the firmware/use a modified version of the xiaomi sensors, so they include temperature and humidity data in their advertisment data.