Capabilities of the module with basic settings

This tiny module may surprise you with many important and interesting functions. PS4IoT_V1 with basic settings provides:

Module application profiles

The module can provide the following profiles for autonomous and controlled use as part of a smart device:

Smart power supply module formula

Online Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit module

 As you can see from our "formula", you can simultaneously power one or more payloads, connect a controller with any functionality to the module according to your design idea - in other words, you can create the most demanding portable and stationary devices using the PS4IoT_V1 module. This module is a versatile component that will provide reliable power, observability, and controllability for your DIY or even commercial product.

PS4IoT acts as an intelligent intermediary between the load and all available power sources. This power supply automatically protects the device and the battery, providing consumers with the ease and simplicity of using the end device in a way that is only found in high-quality and high-tech smartphones.

Module functions

Automatic modeManaged by MCU mode
Battery-free operationYes, autoYes, auto
Starting with a deeply discharged batteryYes, autoYes, auto
Simultaneous battery charging and power supply of loadsYes, autoYes, auto
Automatic battery chargingYes, autoYes, auto. Or by means of the controller via CEset
Choice of power supply pathsYes, autoYes, auto
Battery charging enable and disable controlYes, with a jumperYes, by means of the controller via CEset
Disabling the built-in status indicatorsYes, with a jumperCaution! It is forbidden to switch on the status LEDs in managed by MCU mode
Electronic main switchMechanical, manual onlyMechanical, manual only
External power failure detectionYes, with built-in indicatorsYes, by means of the controller using the status signals CC, CP, CEset.1

Battery protection and safety functions

Automatic modeManaged by MCU mode
Battery overheating protectionNoPossible by controller means via an optional I2C, NTC, or 1-Wire battery thermometer using the 4-pin AUX pass-through interface
Deep discharge protectionYes, auto when below 2.3VYes, auto. Or by monitoring the battery voltage level via the ADC of the controller and switching to deep sleep mode
Battery overcharge protectionYes, auto when exceeding 4.2VYes, auto. Or controlled by the controller
Battery charge terminationYes, autoYes, auto. Or controlled by the controller
Temperature compensation feedback of the charging current regulatorYes, autoYes, auto

Module block diagram

Software monitoring of Li-Ion battery charging status

PS4IoT_V1 has a number of signal lines that allow the main controller to monitor the charging process status, temperature, and battery voltage programmatically.

For example, if a mismatch is detected, such as exceeding the charging time or battery temperature, the controller can programmatically stop or restore the charging process.

In addition, these mechanisms in combination with the sleep mode are reasonable to use in the charge/discharge control software algorithm to extend battery life.

Note. The PS4IoT_V1 version of the module does not support connecting an NTC battery thermistor directly to the charging controller. Therefore, temperature monitoring can be implemented by connecting an additional temperature sensor to the main controller using I2C bus or other interfaces such as 1-Wire, SPI, NTC-thermistor, etc. Thus, through the Charge Enable signal (see CEset.2) the controller can prohibit or allow charging depending on the battery temperature.

The interfaces are located on one side of the module

It is recommended to design the case of the device where you plan to install PS4IoT_V1 so that the bottom edge of the PS4IoT module board touches one of the outer sides of the case, as shown in the pictures. In that case

can be used to organize a convenient interface to control the entire device through the user-provided mounting holes in the housing.


Attention! Use quality batteries to obtain the declared technical characteristics of the product.

Attention! Use quality AC/DC adapters with appropriate cables capable of withstanding 5 volts with a load of up to 2 amps.

Attention! Maximum permissible load current:

The maximum total load on the charger and outputs is up to 5 Watts.

Delivery sets

Set #1 - module only (Basic)

  1. PS4IoT_V1 module - 1 pc;
  2. Jumper on the board - 2 pcs;
  3. Pin connector 2.54 2P M, straight, included - 7 pcs;
  4. Pin connector 2.54 4P M, straight, included - 3 pcs;

Set #2 - connectors and cables ( Connectors (installed) and cables)

  1. Battery cable, flat, 15 cm, 2 wires, with connectors - 1 pc: 2P JST XH2.54 F - Dupont 2x1P F;
  2. Power output cable, flat, 20 cm, 2 wires, with connectors - 2 pcs: 2P JST XH2.54 F - Dupont 2x1P F;
  3. Charging status output cable CP&CC, flat, 20 cm, 2 wires, with connectors - 1 pc: 2P JST XH2.54 F - Dupont 2x1P F;
  4. Battery level output cable, flat, 20 cm, 2 wires, with connectors - 1 pc: 2P JST XH2.54 F - Dupont 2x1P F;
  5. JST XH 2.54 2P M connector, straight, on the board - 7 pcs;
  6. JST XH 2.54 4P M connector, angled, on the board - 1 pc;
  7. JST XH 2.54 4P M connector, straight, on the board - 1 pc;

Note: In this version, these connectors are soldered to the board and are ready to use with the appropriate cables.

Option for Set #2 - interface cables AUX ( Connectors (installed) and cables + AUX)

  1. Internal interface cable, flat, 15 cm, 4 wires, with connectors - 1 pc: 4P JST XH2.54 - Dupont 4x1P;
  2. External interface cable, flat, 30 cm, 4 wires, with connectors - 1 pc: 4P JST XH2.54 - Dupont 4x1P.

Attention!. AC/DC adapter(s), battery pack, solar panel, and temperature sensor are not included.