The case 3d-model for the GGreg20_V3 module for personal use

A project log for GGreg20_V3 Ionizing Radiation Detector

The GGreg20_V3 Ionizing Radiation Detector is a new-generation ready-to-use device with an SBM-20 Geiger tube and pulse counting output

IoT-devices, LLCIoT-devices, LLC 08/19/2022 at 07:090 Comments

IoT-devices, LLC has shared the case a 3D model for the GGreg20_V3 module for personal use by anyone.

You can order such a case as an option together with the GGreg20_V3 module, or you can download and print this model from two parts – top and bottom (you need to download both models).

GGreg20_V3 Case 3d-model source files collection:

The casing model assumes that JST-type side connectors will be installed on the GGreg20_V3 module board. You can view how the casing looks on the GGreg20_V3 module on the product page on the company’s website and on Tindie .

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