Connecting the GGreg20_V3 Geiger counter to the Home Assistant Server via ESPHome

A project log for GGreg20_V3 Ionizing Radiation Detector

The GGreg20_V3 Ionizing Radiation Detector is a new-generation ready-to-use device with an SBM-20 Geiger tube and pulse counting output

iot-devices-llcIoT-devices, LLC 09/20/2022 at 18:300 Comments

We offer you the procedure of connecting the #GGreg20_V3 Ionizing Radiation Detector Geiger counter (sensor) in combination with the main controller ESP8266 or ESP32 to the Home Assistant server via the ESPHome plug-in.

If you already have experience setting up and deploying devices in ESPHome running Home Assistant, you can skip the introductory sections and go straight to the example of a configuration yaml file that you can use as a basis for your own system and devices.

All sample files are working and run on a real-deployed server and controller ESP8266 with a GGreg20 Geiger counter. ESP32 is also supported by ESPHome and on the example of ESP8266, the reader can make a variant of the yaml file for the ESP32 platform. In this publication, we demonstrate how to work with ESP32 in a limited way, because in terms of ESPHome and Home Assistant settings, the ESP8266 and ESP32 platforms are almost the same...

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