How To Make LED Dimmer Circuit

In this project, we are going to teach you making awesome electronics project ideas. It is called LED chaser/LED blinker. We are making this circuit using a timer cheap IC (NE555). You can operate this circuit using only DC 3.7v power supply. To decorate your home, office and other places, you can use this circuit.

LED Dimmer Circuit Design

The schematic of LED dimmer circuit along with the PCB layout can be seen above. Power supply don’t included with the circuit. You can use any 3.7v battery for this project. To feel the best effect you can decorate all led in a rhythm. You also can use different color LEDs for different effect on this project

The final circuit diagram and design can be seen above. We also thanks to our sponsor JLCPCB( for sponsoring us PCB for this project.

Component List :

1. PCB

2. IC Base

3. Timer IC – NE 555

4. Capacitor – 2.2µf/ 50v

5. Ceramic Capacitor – 103

6. Resistor  - 10 K

                       18 K

7.  LED – 5mm

8. Battery  - 3.7v (18650)

Connect IC Base And IC

To make this circuit, we need to follow a normal method of this time IC. 1st we connect 2 and 6 no leg of timer IC-NE555. Then we connect 4 and 8 no leg of NE-555 timer IC. It is a common connection for NE555 IC circuit. Specially, if you want to make a LED light effect project.

Connect Resistor With Circuit

Now we make a series connection between this two resistor. Then we connect 10k resistor with 8 no leg of IC, both resistor common leg with  7 no leg of IC and 18k resistor with 6no leg of sound IC. The resistor will divided the voltage in 6, 7 and 8 no leg of timer IC.

Connect Capacitor With Circuit

Then we connect 2.2µf/ 50v capacitor with the circuit. We connect capacitor negative leg with 1no leg of IC and capacitor positive leg with 2no leg of timer IC-NE555. 2.2µf/ 50v capacitor is an electrolyte capacitor. The capacitor store several amount voltage and flash in a fixed time later. Then connect ceramic capacitor (104) with 5no leg of timer IC-NE555. Now connect ceramic capacitor (104) another leg with negative leg of LED.

Connect LED Lights

You know that, we are using 12 pieces led light. All are 5mm led. Now we make a series connection in these 12 led light. Before connect with the circuit, we might check all led light, so that there don’t have any misconnection. For best effect you can decorate all led and can use in different color. We connect all led positive leg with 3 no leg of IC and led negative leg with 1 no leg of IC.

Soldering And Cleaning

Neat and perfect soldering is an important part for all kind of PCBs. Since soldering, you should remember that, there should not be any kind of short circuit connection. After soldering all leg, we cut-off the extra leg of all electronics component.

Final Action

Our circuit, is now completely ready for use. Now just place the circuit is a dark place for better effect . Again thanks to JLCPCB for best quality PCBs.