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A project log for Rosmo robot - BLDC

Creating a small modular robot with pluggable daughter boards.

SamukSamuk 03/21/2023 at 07:570 Comments

Once we have the main 'Rosmo' chassis working, We may revisit smaller cheap(er) robots

These would again be based on the Micromod perhaps doing an ESP32 S3 micromod chip.

The micromod would sit in a stackable carrier developed here

On the board

- 9v > 3v3 conversion,

- £3 TB6612FNG motor driver 

- Pins at front are SPI & I2C in Breakout garden format

- Not much else

The Escornabot code based on five buttons seems good for young kids. We could adapt their button board to the 60pin stack

The MCU stack could be based on the Micromod: