MikroBUS expansion

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Modular open hardware robot for uROS2 & Microblocks

samukSamuk 03/04/2024 at 14:300 Comments

At one end of you'll spot a MikroBUS expansion header, the thinking with this is that this gives access to the ~1200 official MikroBus click boards

There is also scope for people to make expansion boards based on the very useful pinout.

I started having a play with one today, tackling the all important question of how to give this robot silly eyes.

In the image below you'll see a bunch of interfaces;

The MikroBus header compliments the on-board Qwiic and I2C breakout garden header as an attempt to navigate the I2C Zoo maybe I should stick a Grove on the breakout board to complete the menagerie..

This variant adds a Grove & Xiao camera for on board image processing 

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