Possible Location: Georgia

A project log for The Village

Long term project to build an entire village using sustainable technology and traditional methods.

DustinDustin 01/02/2022 at 18:400 Comments

I've been living in Ohio for all but 1 year of my 29 years of life so far. That other year was spent in South Dakota. I loved it out there. I hate Ohio though. Mostly the weather and people. There's not much to do here and the land can be quite expensive. 

As much as I hate the climate on the eastern part of the US, I can't ignore the fact that the high moisture content is good for not dying of dehydration. A few years back I did some research into off grid friendly states and Georgia came up a few times for legal reasons. Reasons I've forgotten. I checked back in my notes on the matter and was able to remember why it made my final list as a possible location. Between the abundant life supporting moisture, useful tree species, and clay rich soil, it offers excellent resources to actually build things with. As much as I love the western United States, I'm starting to think it would be unwise not to consider the eastern portion. Especially the south eastern parts. As much as I hate humidity and mosquitoes, I'll take those over having no natural resources, and wild fires. Buying land in Georgia would also put me closer to an ocean than I am now, which would be great as I intend to take up sailing very soon. As in "this year" soon. It's been a dream of mine I can't ignore, so it's worth considering. I intend to sail the world and need to get an early start. I'll be buying a small sailboat very soon, getting my certifications, then teaching sailing to Buy Scouts in Ohio while I save up for land. I'll likely be stick in Ohio for a few years, but I have enough fulfilling things going on to make it worth dealing with the weather and people here. 

As for the actual land in Georgia, I know very little about what's available or what it would cost. I do know that it's a very green state, so there are trees around. If I have to buy cheap and barren land, I will. I'd simply start a tree removal service a d use that to harvest the lumber needed to build. Earthbag construction would likely work well with clay rich soil, and there is stone, which is my ideal building material. Some quick searching on confirms that the climate should be less hostile than Ohio, though I don't know how I will do with the heat. The land prices are far more reasonable than Ohio from what I've seen, and wooded land isn't too far out of reach. Even if I don't buy the land for The Village there, I might actually move there on a small piece of land some day to build a small test house and business to get things started. I don't have many deep ties to Ohio and would like to get out of here for a while. Considering that I'm building a mobile lifestyle, It wouldn't be too hard for me to head out there and start working and exploring. 

Just having a piece of land where I could harvest trees, water, and grow food would make me very happy. I'd finally be able to have my own home and live how I've always wanted. I'm actually more excited about moving to a place like Georgia than I am out to the west coast. The west coast is nice, and I've been there, but the idea of surviving out there with so little natural resources is scary. I've seen just how hard it is to live in the desert. The travel distances between anything of value and interest are huge. With lush, resource land of my own, it would be easy to just get started building my life at last. A few years back I almost bought a plane ticket and went to Savannah for Halloween, but let someone talk me out of it. I regret never going, so I may plan to go this year if all is going well. I'm quite excited to think about this again, as I've had nothing but doubts and stress for a very long time. 

Georgia would also make it far easier for me to spend more time at the beach. Road trips to Florida would also be possible and I could work on boats, do some deep sea fishing, and enjoy some time not being cold all the time. I write this as I'm huddled in my sleeping bag, with the electric space heater sucking my wallet dry, as I wait on my diesel heater to arrive. Sure I'll likely be running air conditioning, but at least I could roam around in what amounts to underpants and not lose any various body parts to frost bite. I think my hatred of summer in Ohio comes from the fact that I don't have my own land here and end up stuck with a crappy job and nothing meaningful to do with my time. I am changing that this year by adding meaningful work to my life, but I still have no land. 

Anyway, that's my rambling about Georgia. I'll do more research into land, laws, travel times, work available, and so forth.