Possible Location: New Mexico

A project log for The Village

Long term project to build an entire village using sustainable technology and traditional methods.

DustinDustin 01/03/2022 at 00:150 Comments

As much as I enjoy the 4 seasons, I would like more sunny days and less irritating government interference in my life. New Mexico is looking very good for setting up an off grid life, even if only a small one for myself. The laws are favorable for energy production, sewage disposal, tiny homes, trash disposal, and even actively encourage and reward rain water harvesting. I'm not sure there would be enough rainwater to support a village, but the land is cheap, the government is friendly towards my goals, and there's plenty of sunlight. I also love the desert. Looking into land for sale, I've found 5 acres in Socorro NM for $6,500. I find this quite reasonable as I can save that up in a few months of regular work, living from my camper. The city looks quite nice and has everything I'd need. There's even a Tractor Supply Company there, where I like to get my clothes and various weird bits for projects. As much as I hate it, there is a Walmart there as well, in case I'd need it. I try not too. Looking at the map of the area, it seems a very livable area at a glance. The idea of moving out there to buy land is making me nervous though. I suspect it's the old "leaving everything you know behind" fear cropping up again. Still, I find the idea of being able to save up for a few months to buy land and go explore to be quite exciting. Maybe I'll go do this after I've got my truck ready and camper built. I'll need money saved and a remote income source of some sort though. 

Choosing where to spend the rest of my life and invest the majority of my energy is the most difficult decision I can imagine making, aside from who to spend my life with. I've been in Ohio most of my life and know I don't really care for it. I spent a year in South Dakota and loved the people there, but got bored and came back to Ohio. I took a 3 week road trip to the west coast and loved it out there. I'm torn between making life as easy as possible with a lush and rainy area, or being out by the desert where it's always sunny and dry. The only way I think I'll be able to make such a decision is to explore the country. I might not even build my village on this continent, as there are many options. Australia comes to mind immediately. As do Greece and a little tropical island in the Bahamas. The best way to handle this is to just get mobile and start exploring. Narrow it down to a general climate type, start exploring the one I enjoy the most, and move there to see if it will work. New Mexico seems to be the most viable right now as it's so cheap and relaxed out there. Northern California also looks quite lovely. I've got a YouTube channel to build up, and I think visiting the various places I'm considering spending my life would make excellent additions. I've gotta go be dumb all over the place before I know where I want to be dumb for the rest of my life.