Camera mount update

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A project focused on the development of a compact, affordable and modular unmanned aerial system based on the EPP hand throwers.

matej-gurnakMatej Gurnak 01/25/2022 at 07:060 Comments

I've recently been working on a new camera mount system. I originally cut the mount directly into the fuselage and strengthened it by laminating carbon fabric to it. This process was quite time consuming and the mount was not durable enough.

I came up with this new mount printed on a 3D printer. It is printed with standard PLA, one wall thick and with the Cura`s new lightning support to save weight. I pushed the expandable glue inside through the three holes.It expanded into the cavities and protects the walls from collapsing. The mount weighs about 15 grams, which is slightly heavier than the original mount. Nevertheless, justified by simplicity and convenience.