The traffic light module that I will present below is a project 
for those who are starting electronics since through this module 
we will begin to program given times for our pcb in the form of a
 traffic light having the appropriate colors for this project 
which are red, yellow and green.

A traffic light is used in any country in the world for road and
 pedestrian safety, this allows us to abide by the rules of colors,
 that is, red is to stop, yellow is to warn us that it will go from
 red to green and green to advance in the traffic light Pedestrian 
we only have two colors since we will have the visualization of a 
led panel that will indicate when to stop and when to move forward.

There are many types of traffic lights but for this project it
 will serve as a traffic light for roads or cars that will allow 
us to program it with some microcontroller or Arduino giving pulse
 signal times for the activation of the LEDs.
First we start to make the schematic diagram to be able to design
 our professional PCB and we will go to the easyeda website and 
create our file to begin.

Here we will see the schematic diagram and the components that we will use for the realization of our pcb project. We will explain the pins that we will obtain for the programming of this circuit. Give the times in milliseconds or seconds according to what we have left in this project, we will not obtain the numerical sequence as they have many traffic lights, we will only give the visualization of colors now we will reveal the electronic components that we have used and the characteristics of the semaphore module:

Electronic components:
- 1 diodo led yellow 5mm
- 1 diodo led red 5mm
- 1 diodo les green 5mm
- 3 resistors 1206  150 OHM 
- 1 PCB traffic light module

- VIN 5v
- Imax 0.020A
- positive logic control (1 logic)
- common anode of the semaphore
In this 3 step we will see the realization of the PCB already 
finished as the routeing of the tracks, the screen printing mask 
and the 3D image easy eda is a professional pcbs design software 
is very complete and has its updated libraries for the realization
 of any project here We have given it the shape of a semaphore and
 thus obtain our modules then we will go to JLCPCB and have our 
PCBs made
to finish we generate our GERBER file and go to JLCPCB
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here we leave the GERBER file of the exposed project:

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