The Matrix LED system allows the driver to travel with a high beam permanently without the risk of dazzling oncoming vehicles. Technically, this function is achieved by using electronically controlled LEDs, which are turned on or off when necessary.

Here we can use this matrix for tests and design our own modules or advertising boards. This matrix is 8x8.



We will announce our matrix since we must know what this project is going to do, it will serve us for the respective tests and be able to carry out a larger matrix and do it as an advertising board

The matrix is 8x8, that is, 8 rows and 8 columns of 5mm LEDs, making about 64 LEDs for this matrix.

This matrix will require an integrated circuit to control it and thus obtain letters moving from one direction to another

MAX 7219 CNG:

THE MAX7219 It's a great chip capable of controlling up to 8 digits of 7 segments or 64 independent LEDs. The chip incorporates a BCD code-B decoder, performs multiplexing and an 8x8 internal RAM memory to store the value of each digit. It only takes an external resistance to make it work. It operates with only 3 pins and is compatible withSPI™, QSPI™ and MICROWIRE™.

The MAX7219 is ideal for easily controlling a large number of LEDs or 7-segment digits. We can also control an 8x8 LED matrix with a single chip. There are tons of examples with Arduino and similar microcontrollers and their use is very simple .


  • 8-DIGIT LED DRIVER CC, 7219, DIP24
  • Controllable Digits: 8 (or 64 individual LEDs)
  • Interface Type: Common Cathode
  • Interface: Series 4 cables
  • Supply voltage: 4V - 5.5V
  • Pines: 24
  • Temperature, Operating range: -0 ° C to +70 ° C
  • Enclosure Type: DIP
  • Marker: MAX7219CNG +

we can control it through Arduino with the MAXMATRIX or MDPAROLA  Library

Here we can see the schematic diagram of how the integrated an the matrix should be connected

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